Demi Moore decided against pursuing Ashton Kutcher on the night they first met - because the young actor spent the evening pining for another woman.
The couple met in 2003, and they married two years later (05).
Moore, 47, has previously insisted she fell for the 32 year old during their first meeting, but she has now revealed she gave up hope of dating the Hollywood heart-throb because he was infatuated with someone else at the time.
She says, "The first night I met him he didn't have two words to say to me - he has a singular focus and it was on somebody else."
Moore admits her now-husband didn't show an interest in her until they met again two weeks later at a party in a hotel.
She adds, "(I left the party to) call my children to say goodnight. All of a sudden the door of the hotel opened and he said, 'That is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard' and closed the door. And I said 'OK, this is somebody different.' And now we've been together seven years."