Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis have poked fun at their odd family dynamic in a new Vanity Fair photo. The trio appear together in a 'vacation' shot, in which Kutcher and Moore snuggle in the rear of a speedboat, while a topless Willis, Moore's ex, fishes beside them. The candid photos were taken off the coast of Die Hard star Willis' Caribbean home. In the accompanying article, Willis says, "It's hard for people to understand but we go on holidays together. "Demi is the mother of my children and Ashton is the stepfather... I'm thrilled that Ashton turned out to be such a great guy." As well as the boat shots and a picture of Willis walking along the beach near his island retreat, wearing nothing but a hat and a sarong, the Annie Liebovitz shoot also features photos of the actor biking in the California desert.