Hollywood siren Demi Moore is reportedly making her presence felt on the set of lover Ashton Kutcher's television programme THAT '70S SHOW - and workers are starting to tire of her watchful eye.

The STRIPTEASE beauty, 40, has moved her family from their Idaho home to Los Angeles so she can be near the Just Married hunk and is now a constant fixture at his work as well.

One disgruntled crewmember tells Britain's HEAT magazine, "Demi has this overwhelming presence. She's been on the set for almost every minute that Ashton is filming.

"The actresses and female crew members are getting self-conscious and are afraid that one false move and Demi will think they're after her man. It's causing a lot of tension.

"It's hard to be yourself when glaring eyes are watching every move you make. Demi's demanding behaviour is highly distracting."

01/10/2003 21:04