Demi Moore found working on her latest movie similar to starring in a stage show.

The actress appears in 'Margin Call' alongside Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley, Paul Bettany and Simon Baker and found the energy and intimacy of their small set like nothing she had previously experienced.

She said: "There was an incredible energy that was very unique to this film. We were shooting and existing all in one space. Almost more like what you would get in a theatre experience

"If we were thinking about something in a scene or had a question, we could literally walk right over and pop into the person's dressing room. If somebody was shooting we could.we were all right there with each other everyday when we were shooting. It allowed for an intimacy and a true ensemble that does not always happen and is not always the case."

The movie - which follows the key people in an investment bank the day before the financial crisis fully hit - was shot in just 17 days and Paul believes the intimate nature of the set helped make working quickly much easier.

He explained: "I do think that in 17 days.the stuff with me and Penn. They set up a shot of coming in to find you, and there is no dialogue. But they set up a shot that is 30 seconds long and you've got to fill it with something.

"You start making s**t up, and you just can't do that unless if you feel comfortable. I really think that it's somehow in the structuring of having everybody in one space and in one place hanging out together and working together that you accelerate that knowledge of each other."