As speculation continues regarding Demi Moore's physical and mental health, TMZ have revealed today (February 3, 2012) that the actress 'secretly' attended Miley Cyrus' boyfriend's party - the one that hit the headlines for the appearance of the 'penis cake' - just nine days before her hospital drama began to unfold.

The 22nd birthday party was held for Liam Hemsworth at Club Icon in Los Angeles and photos from the bash surfaced online, depicting Miley Cyrus licking the cake, which had been shaped like an oversized penis. A number of sources have told TMZ that Demi was in attendance at the party and "mostly kicking it in the VIP section. Demi went to the party with her 23 year-old daughter, Rumer Willis and spent the evening drinking Red Bull, a drink that TMZ say she has been "obsessively sucking down for years." The mother and daughter duo are said to have left some time around midnight.

On January 23, 2012, just nine days after the party, Demi Moore was rushed to hospital after suffering seizures at her home, where she was hosting another birthday party, for a friend of hers. Although the exact cause of the seizures has not been confirmed it is thought that she had been inhaling nitrous oxide (otherwise known as 'whip-its'), a legal drug usually associated with young clubbers and "high school kids."