Demi Moore has taken to favourite celebrity controversy-raising portal Twitter to cause a storm all of her own. AceShowbiz reports that the 48 year old actress - star of successful films including 'Ghost,' 'A Few Good Men' and 'Indecent Proposal' - posted a "topless photo" of herself via Twitpic that sent her almost 4 million followers crazy.

Moore is of course no stranger to posing nude, infamously going so far as to bare all when heavily pregnant for Vanity Fair back in 1991, and by those standards the picture she posted late Thursday night (US Time) was tame, taken in front of a bathroom mirror ensuring that only her naked back was fully in view.

Accompanying the photo with the caption "'ve got your own back," Moore, whose Twitter handle is @mrskutcher, received a huge response and went on to explain the purpose of her Tweet when questioned by a follower, stating that it was "To remember to be your own best friend to find light & protection from within yourself." She also agreed with another who claimed "if you don't watch your own back, why would you expect anyone else to do it for you?" and has since tweeted again, reflecting on the power of images and the provocation that pictures of the body has on others.

Of late Moore has been filming 'LOL,' alongside Miley Cyrus, the picture is set to be released in the UK next month.