Demi Moore has joined the cast of 'Corporate Animals'.

The 55-year-old actress will star alongside the likes of Jessica Williams and Ed Helms in the upcoming comedy film, which is being directed by Patrick Brice.

Demi will play the role of Lucy, the CEO of America's leading supplier of edible cutlery, according to Deadline.

In the movie, Lucy asks her staff to attend a corporate team-building caving weekend in New Mexico, where they find themselves in the midst of a disaster when they're trapped underground.

The group face the arduous task of keeping themselves alive while also dealing with sexual tension and even cannibalism.

Originally, the role was going to be played by Sharon Stone, but she was forced to withdraw from the project due to scheduling reasons.

Despite being one of the world's best known actresses, Demi has never taken any formal classes and she previously admitted to harbouring insecurities about her talent.

She shared: ''I was too afraid. I thought that if an acting teacher had said to me, 'You know what, you're not good,' I would not have gone any further. It was easier for me to justify going to an audition and getting rejected, maybe because they wanted somebody blonde, maybe because I wasn't experienced enough.

''I could live with that more easily.''

However, Demi revealed that the 1990 drama movie 'Ghost' proved to be a turning point in her career.

She said: ''It wasn't until [director] Jerry Zucker gave me the chance in 'Ghost', by believing in me and thinking I had it in me, that I broke through my own limitations and started to access what I had deep down and had covered up.

''Not that I don't need reassurance and don't want people to give me that pat on the back. We all need it. But, no, it is not my favourite place to be.

''In fact, I don't know anybody who is raising their hand saying, 'Oh God, I love being vulnerable and needy.'''