Demi Moore has recalled how she went ''down a path of real self-destruction'' early in her career.

The 55-year-old actress - who went to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in the mid-1980s and again in 2012 for addiction and an eating disorder - reached ''crisis point'' after a long period of never feeling ''good enough'' and thanked two people for saving her from death by encouraging her to change her life.

Speaking after being named woman of the year at the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House's 29th Annual Awards Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday (27.10.18), she said: ''I feel like there are defining moments in our lives that shape who we are and the direction we go, and early in my career, I was spiraling down a path of real self-destruction, and no matter what successes I had, I just never felt good enough.

''I had absolutely no value for myself. And this self-destructive path, it very quickly ... brought me to a real crisis point. And it wasn't clear at the time the reason -- maybe it was divine intervention -- but two people who I barely knew stepped up and took a stand for me, and they presented me with an opportunity.

''In fact, it was more like an ultimatum ... unless I was dead, that I better show up. They gave me a chance to redirect the course of my life before I destroyed everything. Clearly, they saw more of me than I saw of myself. And I'm so grateful because without that opportunity, without their belief in me, I wouldn't be standing here today.''

The 'Ghost' actress went on to thank Friendly House - which offers a ''safe and supportive'' environment for women recovering from substance abuse - for the accolade and admitted it helped her to ''know the value'' of herself.

She added: ''I know in a moment of great struggle for me, I reached out to a wise teacher and expressed my fear that I wasn't good enough.

''And she said, 'You will never be good enough but you can know the value of your worth. Put down the measuring stick.' So today, I put down the measuring stick and I thank you for this beautiful acknowledgment and the opportunity to know the value of my worth.''

And on Sunday (30.10.18), the 'Empire' actress - who has daughters Rumer, 30, Scout, 27, and Tallulah, 24, with ex-husband Bruce Willis - took to Instagram to thank her loved ones for all their support.

In a slideshow of photos, including Demi with her eight dogs and backstage at the luncheon with her daughters, she wrote: ''So grateful for the love and support of friends and family even my furry family!

''Ru @rumerwillis Scouter @scoutlaruewillis and my Boo @buuski seeing your beautiful smiling faces-you are what makes my heart worth beating. Everything I do is for you!

''Thank you my dear friend Amanda @amandadecadenet for presenting me with this beautiful honor and bringing your strength beauty depth intelligence and deep loving. Having you there was like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love and safety....

''Thank you to all my friends who supported me and @friendlyhousela but who could not be there yesterday. Your support is what allows Friendly House to do the amazing work they do helping women find recovery and reclaim their lives with dignity!!(sic)''

Demi waited until Sunday for her post of thanks out of deference to the mass-shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, which left 11 dead and six injured.

She explained: ''This Instagram business is still new for me and yesterday's unspeakable act in Pittsburgh left me gutted and frozen, completely unable to even think about sharing my gratitude for such a beautiful event.

''I will figure this out but please excuse me in advanced for any IG faux pax of insensitivity it certainly is not intended. My heart goes out to the families.

''I believe in the power of LOVE!

''These are the moments we need to inject greater loving compassion acceptance and understanding. #LoveWins (sic)''