Hollywood superstar Demi Moore demonstrated her opposition to American President George W Bush at the premiere of FAHRENHEIT 9/11 - by hurling insults at the screen.

According to onlookers at the Los Angeles event on 17 June (04), Moore - accompanied by boyfriend ASHTON KUTCHER - voiced her disapproval of Bush's war on Iraq every time to leader appeared on-screen.

One insider reports, "She was really, really vocal.

"She was hollering and cheering at the screen and yelling things at Bush. And she was pumping the air with her fist and saying things like, 'That was really harsh' and 'That was really crucial.'

"A lot of stars were there and the reaction from a lot of them seemed very positive, but Demi certainly wasn't keeping her opinion to herself. Maybe she was a little hyper because she was drinking JOLT."

Other big names at the event included LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, Chris Rock, Matthew Perry, Billy Crystal and Sharon Stone.

25/06/2004 02:10