It looks as if rumours that Demi Moore is getting over ex Ashton Kutcher with New Zealand actor Martin Henderson are, well, just rumours.
It was recently reported that the 'Ghost' actress was seen getting cosy with younger man Henderson on a jaunt to New Preston, Connecticut. They apparently had dinner together before going on a long hike. However, according to E! News, sources told them that a mutual friend had arranged the trip with several other people so it's unlikely that their meeting was anything more than friendly.
Meanwhile, whispers surrounding the romance between Ashton Kutcher and his former 'That 70s Show' co-star Mila Kunis continue to circulate since pictures of the pair cuddling and kissing were revealed. Tabloid reports had suggested Moore was heartbroken when she saw the photos suggesting that she still feels very strongly for her ex-husband whom she split with last year after discovering that he had allegedly bedded another woman. Kunis still flatly denies dating Kutcher, revealing to Heat that she simply has no time for guys: 'First, I have to find some time to start seeing a guy, which is tough for me because I'm terrible on dates and I get nervous and don't always feel comfortable or natural in those situations.'