Sexy actress Demi Moore is being sued by a former domestic hand - who is accusing her of dismissing him from his job when he refused to have sex with her.

LAWRENCE BASS, ex-manager of the STRIPTEASE star's estate in Hailey, Idaho, says he has filed a complaint with the UNITED STATES EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION and the IDAHO HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION accusing Moore of sexual harassment and discrimination. He's seeking $206,700 (GBP137,800) in damages.

He fumes, "Demi tried to seduce me - not once, but twice. And when I turned her down, she canned me."

Bass' attorney charges in his formal complaint that Moore tried to make a pass at his client once in 2001 and again in 2002 - only to be rejected on both occasions. He was fired months later.

Bass says that when he complained to labour authorities about his dismissal, Moore's ex-husband Bruce Willis confronted him, booming, "Stay the f*** away from my family!"

MARTY SINGER, attorney for both Moore and Willis, says, "This is a disgruntled ex-employee who has filed. People file lawsuits all the time. This is a ridiculous lawsuit. It has no merit."

But Bass, a former butler for Playboy boss Hugh Hefner, insists Moore tried her luck with him - knowing he was involved in a relationship with another woman.

He tells American tabloid the STAR of one incident, "She suddenly put her right hand on top of my left thigh. Then she slid her hand off the top of my thigh and began caressing the inside of my left leg, slowly rubbing higher and higher. As soon as I realised where this was headed, I said, 'We can't do that'."

He adds, "Maybe Demi just wanted to prove that she was still attractive to other men."

08/05/2003 09:38