Demi Moore has been accused of lashing out at a photographer and screaming obscenities while leaving the Jessica Nail Clinic on West Hollywood's Sunset Plaza on Friday (28th October 2011), reports MTV News.
One shot circulating the web shows the actress with her hands up, although it appears that Moore was simply shielding herself from the throng of photographers. However, one paparazzo has accused the 48-year-old of lashing out, with Mtv quoting the snapper as saying, "Demi was crazy; she was totally losing it. I was just standing on the sidewalk, trying to get a few shots of her and she was going completely mad. She tried to jump on me and swipe my camera". The Charlie's Angels actress has been under intense media scrutiny in recent weeks after 22-year-old Sara Leal claimed to have slept with her husband Ashton Kutcher during a party in his hotel room. The high profile couple refused to comment on the story and remained suspiciously silent on their usually active Twitter accounts.
Following the alleged incident in West Hollywood, Moore made her way to a chauffeur driven car. Despite the accusations, celebrity gossip website claims to have seen images of the coming-together and reports that the cameraman was "way too close" to Demi as she attempted to leave the salon.