Movie beauty Demi Moore's hopes of reviving a "serious" acting career have been dashed after City of God director Fernando Meirelles refused to cast her in his latest movie.

The Brazilian film-maker is directing an adaptation of John Le Carre's best-seller The Constant Gardener, a thriller about an English diplomat in Kenya.

The 41-year-old, who is dating younger man Ashton Kutcher, has been absent from the Hollywood scene for many years, but launched her comeback as baddie Madison in Charlie's Angels 2: FULL THROTTLE last year (03).

However, despite setting her sights on the new film, Moore has been snubbed by the OSCAR-nominated director.

A source close to Meirelles says, "He's been contacted by Demi's agent several times. However he'd rather work with an unknown with real talent than someone who is more famous for their looks than acting ability."

English rose Kate Winslet is reportedly in negotiations to play Fiennes' character JUSTIN QUAYLE's wife TESSA.

27/02/2004 19:20