Demi Lovato has vowed to overhaul her pop career and adopt an "authentic" new sound in bid to land herself a Grammy Awards nomination next year (16).

The Skyscraper hitmaker is heading back to the studio in the coming days to work on her fifth studio album, and she took to on Sunday (08Feb15), the same day as the 2015 Grammys, to prepare her fans for her next project.

She writes, "I've never been more confident in my sound... Never felt this hungry and driven. The only word that comes to mind is authentic... What I can say is this will be my best work yet... F**k trying to make music that will appeal to the masses for the sake of hit songs... It's a new journey... A new chapter in my life and I'm so f**king ready. I Will get a Grammy nomination one day. No more f**kin around. Let's go!!!!!"