On Monday (21Mar16) the accident-prone Skyscraper hitmaker found herself in an odd health situation after injuring herself while swimming in the ocean.

Sharing an X-ray scan of her neck with fans on Twitter, Lovato wrote in the caption to the image: "So one time I went surfing/paddle boarding without my glasses or contacts and wiped out... Which gave me whiplash.."

The 23 year old went on to hint at an upcoming procedure she is having done on Thursday (24Mar16), which is being done to heal her blurry vision.

"On the bright side.... After Thursday, I won't ever have to use contacts or glasses again. (Hopefully)," she tweeted, closing off the message with three emojis resembling a pair of eyes, thumbs up and prayer hands.

Back in 2011, Lovato was involved in a car crash that left her with several physical ailments to tend to.

And in light of experiencing so many injuries in recent years, Twitter user @beatriz_camara asked the star: "@ddlovato have you ever considered walking around in a bubble?"

Lovato thought it was a good suggestion, replying to her fan: "Remember that one time I broke my fibula WALKING??? Yeah... Time for a bubble. #WHATISWRONGWITHME".

The Cool for the Summer singer ended the conversation with even more humour by writing, "Show up to the #FutureNowTour like...", alongside a picture of a man donned in what appears to be a full-body hazard suit that includes a safety helmet.

But in reality feeling physical pain was no joke for Lovato while she recuperated from the car crash five years ago.

“I already go to a chiropractor twice a week because I have a really bad body," she told Hollywood Life in 2013. "I got in a car accident and it’s so horrible — it’s still so messed up."