Demi Lovato is set to host a new talk show for Quibi.

The 27-year-old singer will host 'Pillow Talk with Demi Lovato' on the upcoming streaming platform, which will see the star explore issues such as activism, body positivity, sex, gender identity, relationships, social media and wellness.

In a statement, Demi said: ''I've always considered myself someone that speaks honestly about issues that face my generation. We're excited to bring those frank conversations to a public forum, where people can have the opportunity to relate to the topics and guests, while finding room for laughter and learning.''

Alongside hosting the show, the 'Anyone' hitmaker is also working as an executive producer on the project, with the help of Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye and Scott Manson, JD Roth, and Adam Greener.

The show marks the second collaboration between Quibi and Goodstory Entertainment, the company set up by JD and Adam, in partnership with Scooter.

The first collaboration will be a music documentary series focusing on the unsung artists behind the world's biggest music stars.

Meanwhile Quibi - which is due to launch in April this year - already has several star talent under its belt, with productions involving Tyra Banks, Chrissy Teigen, Don Cheadle, and Idris Elba already in the works.

Author Rachel Hollis will present her own daily morning talk show for the platform - which will be a short-form mobile video service - whilst Zac Efron is set to front an adventure series titled 'Killing Zac Efron'.

Other Quibi partners include Guillermo del Toro, Antoine Fuqua, Sam Raimi, Jason Blum, Steven Soderbergh, Catherine Hardwicke, Anna Kendrick, Doug Liman, Laurence Fishburne and Stephen Curry's Unanimous Media.