Demi Lovato was "scared to death" when she saw a ghost.

The 18-year-old actress-and-singer believes in paranormal activity and claims she had an encounter with a spectre when she was a child.

She told gossip website TMZ: "I've seen a ghost before, it was creepy, it was in my closet when I was about eight and it scared me to death. It just popped out and it was horrible!"

Demi is not the star to have been spooked by the supernatural.

It was claimed last year that 'Born This Way' singer Lady GaGa was being haunted by an "annoying" spirit named Ryan.

A member of her touring crew said: "She's been telling us all for months that she has a male spirit called Ryan who travels the world with her.

"She's pretty terrified by this spirit, but more than anything he's annoying her as he won't leave her alone. She's freaked out by his presence."

It has also previously been claimed Brad Pitt - who is in a long-term relationship with Angelina Jolie - became obsessed with "deep-trance spirit channelling" after watching a TV documentary.

A source said: "He has also taken up deep-trance spirit channelling, trying to commune with Ghosts.

"Brad is looking for a script about channelling, but Angelina is afraid that if he tries to bring it into the mainstream, people will really think he's gone off the deep end."