Demi Lovato's decision to have treatment for an eating disorder and self-harming was the "best decision" she's ever made.

The 19-year-old singer-and-actress - who entered rehab last November for three months - is glad she can now be a role model to younger people who are having similar experiences to the ones she's previously faced.

Speaking on Wednesday's (12.10.11) 'Access Hollywood Live', the brunette beauty said: "When you're putting on concerts and you're not eating, you know, that will take a toll on you, and it did and I snapped and I regret it to this day... I made a really poor decision and it landed me in treatment.

"Treatment was the best decision that I ever made and it saved my life.

"I feel a lot better and I feel like now that I'm able to speak about it, I'm able to help younger girls with their issues they're dealing with and that makes me feel like a role model.

"That makes me feel like an inspiration more than I did when I was hiding those issues.

"I feel amazing. I feel really happy and healthy. Life is beautiful and I can't complain."

Demi realised she needed help when it got a stage in her life where her issues were affecting her family.

She added: "There is a certain point where you learn it's taking a toll on your entire family, and your career and everything in your life and it's jeopardising so much that you have to get help."