Demi Lovato's only ''vices'' are cigars and energy drinks.

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer - who checked into rehab in 2010 to be treated for bulimia, self-harm, and drug and alcohol abuse - has turned her life around and admitted her only weaknesses now are an occasional smoke on a ''special occasion'' and sometimes a can of Red Bull.

She said: ''I love cigars. I only smoke them when I'm in Vegas or on a special occasion. It's all I have left - that and Red Bull.

''One night in Vegas, I got a sugar-free Red Bull and a cigar and those are my vices. I'm set.''

The 25-year-old singer -who split from long-term boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in June 2016 - moved into a sober living facility after leaving rehab but these days she is secure in her own company and occupies her time watching TV and knitting.

Speaking on Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show about what fans can expect in her behind-the-scenes documentary 'Simply Complicated', she said: ''You get to see the making of the album, you also get to see me. I'm at a pivotal point in my life where I'm single now, and I'm living on my own.

''I get along with me very well.

I'm by myself at night and I put on some Netflix. ''Sometimes I just knit or watch crime shows, and I just, you know, relax. I'm knitting, like, scarfs, I love it.''

Demi turns 25 later this month and is thankful to have lots of time ahead of her to achieve her goals.

She said: ''I think I've actually had a reverse midlife crisis, where I actually get to look at my life and think, 'Wow, I actually have so much to live for.'

''I didn't realise how much time I have in front of me to accomplish the things I want to accomplish.

''Last year, I said to myself, 'Oh my God, I'm getting older, and I don't have a lot of time to accomplish the things I want to, and why don't I have this by now, or that.'

''Now, I'm in a place where I am really grateful.''