Demi Lovato is desperate to collaborate with Halsey.

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she would ''love'' nothing more than to join forces with the 'Now or Never' hitmaker on a track in the future, although she has admitted her upcoming album does not feature a single collaboration ''yet''.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', the powerhouse said: ''I've love to do something with [her].

''I haven't actually had any collaborations for [my] album put together yet.''

The brunette beauty has teased she will be releasing a new LP ''very soon'', and she hopes she will be able to include additional songs featuring other artists on the compilation.

Speaking about her upcoming projects, she said: ''[The album] is more soulful this time around.

''There will be some [collaborations], we just have to figure out where they go. But my music will be more R&B, more soulful and you'll just have to wait and hear the rest.

''[And it is coming] very soon. Fingers crossed that it's sooner than you think.''

The 'Camp Rock' actress has recently released her newest single 'Sorry Not Sorry', which the star has revealed is a track for ''the haters'' and the ''bullying'' she was a victim to when she was a child.

She explained: ''The message in that song is for the haters. A lot of people think it's about a relationship, and it could be for other people, but for me it was - I had never written a song about the bullying that I experienced when I was in middle school. It drove me out of public school and I started home schooling because it got so bad.

''It was just a feel-good song. I had the title idea 'Sorry Not Sorry' and I came in with the concept and then we wrote to it. It turned out to be more so about the haters rather than an ex, which was cool, and I think it makes it more relatable for people.''