Demi Lovato has confessed to a crush on One Direction pin-up Niall Horan, revealing there's "something special" about the pop star.

The American singer has opened up about her feelings for the newly-single Irish star, prompting gossips to hint that a new celebrity romance is brewing.

Lovato coos, "All of the One Direction guys are great, but there is something a little special about him. Niall is really one of the most fun people to be around."

And she reveals she has been spending time with Horan in London as she recovers from a broken leg.

She adds, "It has obviously not been great hobbling around on a broken leg, but Niall can even make that funny. He can make light of the most serious situations - and every girl needs somebody like Niall in their life.

"I know when a text comes through from Niall there is a great chance it is going to actually make me laugh out loud."

And Lovato's timing is perfect - Horan is reportedly single again after splitting from his drama student girlfriend Amy Green.