Demi Lovato thinks the ''most important thing'' someone can do for themselves is to find their independence.

The 25-year-old star is single after splitting from MMA fighter Guilherme 'Bomba' Vasconcelos - who she dated for nearly a year - and despite spending plenty of time home alone, she is ''enjoying'' getting to know herself better on a daily basis.

She said: ''I'm like, 'Oh my God, what do I do? How do I sit alone at night?' But I'm learning how to be comfortable with being alone, and I think that's the most important thing you can do for yourself, especially as a woman - to find your independence.

''I've been enjoying being independent and living on my own and trying to navigate through adult life.''

Demi - who split from long-term boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in June 2016 - doesn't appear to be looking for a new love, and admitted it is the first time she has ever been single in adult life.

Speaking on SiriusXM's 'Morning Mash Up' radio show, she added: ''I've always gone from relationship to relationship, or fling to fling, or whatever, like I've always had somebody in my life.

''This time, for the first time, I'm like not dating anybody.''

While Demi spends a lot of time at home on her own, the star likes to knit scarfs to keep herself occupied.

She recently said: ''I get along with me very well. I'm by myself at night and I put on some Netflix.

''Sometimes I just knit or watch crime shows, and I just, you know, relax. I'm knitting, like, scarfs, I love it.''