Demi Lovato thinks the most important step to body confidence is ''believing you're beautiful''.

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she still has days where she doesn't feel comfortable in her own skin, but says the best way to combat those feelings is to ''tell yourself that you look beautiful'' as she thinks it will help her start believing it.

She told People magazine: ''I know I'm doing everything I can to take care of myself. If there's something about my body that I don't like, I remind myself that it doesn't define who I am. The more you tell yourself that you're beautiful, the more you start to believe it.''

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' hitmaker trains in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting and often shares her work outs with her fans on social media, which she hopes will ''inspire'' other women to ''get healthy'' and ''feel comfortable'' in their own skin.

She said previously: ''I stay confident in my own life by daily affirmations - looking in the mirror, telling myself I'm beautiful no matter what and just learning to accept my flaws for what they are and knowing that, you know, my curves are beautiful, and I am who I am. I hope to inspire [young women] by getting in the gym, getting healthy, feeling comfortable in their skin.''

Meanwhile, the former Disney star recently admitted she ''never thought'' she'd be happy with the way she looks, but is pleased she is now in a ''really good place'' when it comes to body positivity.

She said: ''I'm in a really good place right now.

''When I'm really down, I do a positive self-affirmation. I talk positively to myself in the mirror. As awkward and uncomfortable as it can be, it can be really self-assuring. I also talk to people around me. But getting in the gym makes me feel the best I possibly can, so I make sure I get that in. It's important to feel comfortable in what you're wearing.

''I never thought I'd be in such a great place. That's the beauty of working on yourself and taking care of yourself. You get to places where you never thought you'd be.''