Demi Lovato recorded her vocals on the Cheat Codes song 'No Promises' in less than two hours.

The 24-year-old pop superstar teamed up with the EDM DJ trio - Trevor Dahl, Kevin Ford and Matthew Russell - for the hit, which has just moved up to the A List at BBC Radio 1, and they have praised the 'Confident' hitmaker for her professionalism and swift work.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Matthew said: ''It's been crazy how it happened. She really just nailed it and knocked it out in a matter of an hour and a half. She really is just a real professional.''

The duet came about after Cheat Codes saw the brunette beauty perform at Z Festival in Brazil and were blown away by her talent, and they now have a massive following in the country.

Asked what it was like working with Demi, he added: ''It was really awesome. We first came in contact with her at a show in Sao Paulo in Brazil at Z Festival.

''At the time it was the biggest show we ever played - there was like 17, 000 people there - and she was a headline and we remember seeing her perform and being like, 'Wow she's such a good vocalist'.

''She's actually the first female vocalist we've ever had on a song and we thought it would be great to work with someone like that. When we went back that way all of the Brazilian fans on social media were hitting us up.''