Pop star Demi Lovato has covered up the scars she gouged into her wrists with uplifting new tattoos.
She has had the words 'Stay' and 'Strong' inked on them so she has something more positive to look at, rather than marks from the self-harming cuts left over from her desperate days as a bulimic depressive.
The former Disney sweetheart, 18, tells DJ Ryan Seacrest, "It was very symbolic for me to cover that up and replace it with something else, that's permanent, that I'll never be able to forget."
Lovato is embarking on a comeback after spending the end of 2010 and the beginning of this year (11) in rehab, and admits she feels like she's living in a dream after her treatment centre hell.
The singer adds, "Spending Christmas in treatment was really, really difficult. I basically spent every holiday from Halloween to almost Valentine's Day (14Feb11) (in rehab), and I just remember sitting there, thinking, 'I had so much... and here I am in a treatment centre.'"