Demi Lovato is taking a ''cautious approach'' to her recent exit from rehab.

The 26-year-old singer recently left her treatment centre after a 90-day stint - which followed her hospitalisation from an overdose in July - and sources now say she's taking every step she can to make sure she stays on the right path, as she still finds ''every day a struggle'' as she continues to recover.

An insider said: ''[Demi] is in a really great place, but she's doing everything she can to maintain that because she knows every day is a struggle.

''Demi is taking a cautious approach with her recent exit from rehab. She has a sober coach, she is working out and eating healthy, surrounding herself with positive influences ... and splits her time in a sober living facility and at home.''

The 'Sober' hitmaker has been to rehab for her addiction battles in the past, and so ''knows what works for her'' when it comes to getting her health back on track.

The source added to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Demi has been down this path before and knows what works for her and what doesn't, and what has caused her to slip up in the past. She's trying everything she can to stay on the right path.''

Last month, it was reported that the 'Sorry Not Sorry' singer would be keeping up with her treatments through the rest of the year, as she's said to be ''extremely serious'' about her sobriety.

An insider said at the time: ''Demi is taking her sobriety extremely serious, and knows she has a long road ahead of her. At the end of the day, Demi is doing this for herself. She has to stay sober for her, but every time she has family or friends visit her, it reminds her of all the other important people in her life that she needs to fight for as well.''