Delorean Release 'Apar' The New Album, Out September 9th 2013

Delorean Release 'Apar' The New Album, Out September 9th 2013

Delorean are excited to announce the forthcoming release of their new album Apar on September 9th via True Panther Sounds (and Mushroom Pillow in Spain/Portugal).  The Barcelona-based band are streaming the lead track 'Spirit' now on YouTube which is also available to purchase via iTunes, with pre-orders for Apar available now.

Delorean started the band as teenagers in the Basque Country town of Zarautz, informed by a love of hi-hat-frenzied dance music, they then moved to Barcelona, where they fully embraced carefree Mediterranean club music on their celebrated 2010 LP, Subiza.  After touring heavily in support of Subiza the band returned home and began work on Apar.  Delorean strove to embrace a more sophisticated relationship to sound recording and songwriting in order to push the stories and dynamics of this album to a deeper more complex place.  Lead singer, lyricist and bassist Ekhi Lopetegi simply calls Apar their "big production album". Through his articulate lens, the record's emotional undercurrent, and the band's mastery of luxurious, coast-of-Spain beats, Apar is something altogether more illuminating. 

Delorean is: Ekhi Lopetegi (lead vocals, bass), Guillermo Astrain (guitar), Unai Lazcano (keyboards) and Igor Escudeo (drums)

Apar track-listing:

1. Spirit 
2. Destitute Time 
3. Dominion 
4. Unhold - featuring Caroline Polachek
5. You Know It's Right 
6. Keep Up 
7. Walk High 
8. Your Face 
9. Inspire  
10. Still You