Rockers Deftones held a meeting with hospitalised bass player CHI CHENG's mother - to reassure her it is not "disloyal" to record songs without him.
Cheng slipped into a coma after a horrific car crash in Santa Clara, California in November 2008, and has yet to regain full consciousness.
After months of uncertainty about their future, the band decided to start work on a new album - even though they were racked with "guilt" for carrying on without their pal.
But a conversation with Cheng's mother eventually gave them the confidence to return to the studio.
Singer Chino Moreno tells Kerrang! magazine, "I imagine (Cheng's family's) initial feeling was that they probably weren't too happy with us. I imagine they thought, 'How could they be doing this?'. I can imagine they felt a little unsure about it.
"(Cheng's mother) really opened up to us and was really understanding. He's in our minds constantly. This is something we had no control over."
Moreno also reveals Cheng's condition is improving - but he's still unable to communicate with those around him.
The singer adds, "He's doing better. He looked good. His body is healing and he looks healthy in that respect. It's hard to say what kind of damage he has because he's not speaking yet. When I was talking to him, he was staring right at me and you look into his eyes and it seems as though he's in there. But it's hard when you don't get any expression from him... So that's hard. I miss him a lot. It's still tough... It's pretty raw."