The family of comatose Deftones bassist CHI CHENG has been given renewed hope the star will regain consciousness after a doctors' report confirmed he's showing signs of "improved alertness".
The musician slipped into a coma following an horrific car crash in Santa Clara, California in November 2008.
Cheng has yet to regain full consciousness and his bandmates eventually made the difficult decision to begin work on their next album without him.
But the star's relatives have been boosted by a report from his doctors, which confirmed Cheng's condition is gradually improving.
Cheng's physician Dr. Joseph Nguyen has claimed the bassist is "showing signs of improved neuro function and improved alertness at this time. Increased response to verbal stimuli. Directed movement, with purpose, seen and observed."
And the musician's sister, Mae, admits the doctor's reaction the last time he examined her brother filled her with hope.
She tells, "When he came in, he took one look at Dai Cheng and was floored. He couldn't believe it. He saw a man waking up."