Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott has blasted a fan who complained about the lack of fireworks in the group's first four shows following the death of the singer's father.
The Pour Some Sugar On Me hitmakers were forced to scrap a handful of concerts in America last month (Jul11) after Elliott's father died in England.
The band returned to the road shortly after the funeral so as not to let fans down, but singer Elliott was hurt and angered by one so-called devotee's emailed criticism.
He tells, "The guy accused me of being a fraud because on the first four gigs we did after the break we did exactly the same set. I wasn't going to say to the guy, 'Well, you know, my father just passed away...'
"He's writing this as if every single person comes to every gig. But the only people who know what we did are the ones who go online and look at the setlist. So he's a f**king idiot. I don't mind saying that and please print it.
"When someone like him says our song Love Bites is just a 'beer break,' I'm like, 'Wow, you're a moron. Don't bother coming to any of our shows. We don't want people like you.'
"We have to play for the majority. If we don't play Photograph and Pour Some Sugar On Me, we won't get out of the building alive. That pays our wages - not these idiots who sit in their mother's basement eating Doritos and playing Dungeons And Dragons all day. I'm not interested in those kinds of people."