Def Jam founder Russell Simmons has been branded a "nightmare" who "destroyed" attempts to get the Rockefeller Drug Law penalties repealed, by the man who led the movement.

Governor NELSON ROCKEFELLER passed the controversial laws in 1973 and 1974, which means many low-level drug dealers like ANTHONY PAPA, co-founder of MOTHERS OF THE NEW YORK DISAPPEARED, are given longer jail sentences than rapists or murderers.

Papa enlisted Simmons' help in campaigning against the laws and is devastated the rap mogul attended a bill-signing ceremony on Tuesday (14DEC04) and called the small penalty reductions "a giant step forward", website PAGESIX.COM reports.

Papa complains, "Now people like Simmons are patting themselves on their backs along with the governor and the Assembly Speaker SHELDON SILVER.

"I should have dogged him but I figured he would help us. Instead, he was a nightmare and destroyed the movement."

Simmons counters, "In my experience as a businessman, a good deal usually means everybody has to compromise. I'm sorry everybody's not happy.

"I'm glad that something was done. I respect and appreciate the hard work Anthony Papa did. I'm sorry he's upset with me."

17/12/2004 17:34