LATEST: Deep Purple's pleas that fans stop buying their latest album have worked - the record giant responsible for its release has withdrawn copies from shop shelves. The veteran rockers were furious when they heard Sony BMG were releasing double live album NEC 1993 to help promote the latest Deep Purple tour because the recording was taken from their worst ever gig. At the time, singer Ian Gillan and guitarist RITCHIE BLACKMORE were locked in a bitter feud. Blackmore has since left the group. Sony BMG have apologised for failing to notify the SMOKE ON THE WATER band of their sales plans, and have now withdrawn the record. A spokesman for the company says, "Sony BMG is not in the business of releasing albums without the knowledge of the artists. "It is in our interests to work with artists, so they can promote their records and continue to work with us." He added the firm would investigate why Gillan was not told about the album.