The singer is a longtime friend of the U.S. presidential hopeful, who is aiming to secure the Republican party nomination to run in the 2016 election, and gave him the green light to use his band's track We're Not Gonna Take It.

Trump's campaign has been blighted by controversy since he launched his presidential bid by making a series of inflammatory remarks about Mexicans, and he sparked outrage again by suggesting Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S.

Snider now admits he feels uncomfortable with the way his friend is running his campaign, and is planning to withdraw permission for him to use his band's song.

"What's going on now really has me questioning allowing the song to continue to be used, and it's very upsetting to me, 'cause I strongly don't agree with his extremist positions," Snider tells Canada's CBC Radio. "I know the man's not a racist - he's a friend of mine - but when you've got white supremacy groups aligning themselves with you and you don't denounce them...? You don't say, 'Wait a minute. I'm proposing this, but I'm not with these people here,' and draw some clarity. That's a problem for me. And I'm really sort of coming to the end of my road here with this."

However, Snider is adamant he has to break the news to his pal over the phone.

"I have to call Donald. I have to speak to him, as a friend," he adds. "He was respectful enough to call me and say, 'How do you feel about me using this (song)?' And I've gotta be - as a friend - respectful enough to call him and say, 'Listen, man, this has gotten wildly out of control, and I really have a problem with it.' As so many people have... It's really gotten ugly."

Trump's latest comments have grabbed headlines worldwide and sparked widespread condemnation from stars including boxing legend Muhammad Ali, who converted to Islam in the 1960s.

Following Trump's comments, the sports icon wrote an open letter defending the religion.