Dee Snider has revealed his mother has tragically died two months after she was hit by a car.

The Twisted Sister frontman posted an emotional statement on his Twitter profile after fans continued to ask about his mum Marguerite's well being following the incident in November 2017.

He wrote: ''Since so many people continue to ask about my mom's health on social media I have no choice but to respond in kind: My mother, Marguerite Snider, died in her sleep on January 2nd after struggling for the past two months since the car hit her. Rest in peace, Mom. I love you.''

The 'We're Not Gonna Take It' singer had been open with his followers at the time of the incident, revealing at the time she had been put in an ''induced coma''.

On November 1 last year, he tweeted: ''My 86 year old mother was hit by a car today. Bad. She's in critical condition in an induced coma. Head injury.''

He later updated fans in a series of emotional and heartbreaking posts, in which he said she was unrecognisable after being hit.

He continued: ''My mom is out of her coma & breathing on her own. Still a long road to recovery, but THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND THOUGHTS & PRAYERS!

''My unconscious mother is so broken by the car that hit her she's unrecognizable. Terrible. But when I held her hand, I knew it was my mom. (sic)''

Fellow musicians and fans reached out to show their support, with Ginger Wildheart responding in November to offer his kind words.

He said: ''Nothing but love, mate. So sad to hear this x''