TWISTED SISTER star Dee Snider put on a special performance at a Pennsylvania high school after fighting to block their ban on rock band performances.

Snider agreed to go to the Hamburg Area High School talent show in rural eastern Pennsylvania after he heard administrators planned to bar student rock bands from performing, fearing injuries from slam dancing.

Snider, now a DJ on Philadelphia rock station WMMR-FM, ranted on the air about the controversy, and a school senior got more than 200 students to sign a petition against the amplified musicban. School officials eventually changed their minds.

Snider - who agreed "a high school auditorium is no place for moshing" - helped arrange for a security company to work the Thursday night (21APR05) show.

Snider danced around the stage with about 20 students, while performing his 1984 hit WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT.

He says, "Whether they go on to be musicians or not, they have learned a lesson, a lesson about growing up in a small town, and that big things can come out of quiet, out-of-the way areas."

23/04/2005 01:40