Flame-haired actress Debra Messing has to pinch herself sometimes because she never dreamed of becoming a Hollywood star as a child.

The WILL + Grace beauty, 36, was determined to live a conventional life involving college, marriage and children, and even set herself targets for achieving each stage.

But her hopes were dashed when she became a celebrated screen star working with the likes of Woody Allen and Richard Gere.

She recalls, "I had plans with a capital P and that included college, graduate college and being married by 22.

"I was then going to have my first child by 26 and my second by 28. It was all plotted out because there was a perfect way for that to unfold. And, needless to say, none of it happened."

Messing is now happily married to scriptwriter Daniel Zelman and they have a one-year-old son - ROMAN.

22/04/2005 19:25