Debra Messing plans to still live with her husband even though they have split up.

The 'Will And Grace' star ended her 11 year marriage to producer Daniel Zelman earlier this year, but the pair intend to continue living with each other so they don't disrupt their seven-year-old son Roman's life.

A representative for the pair insists "in the short term they plan on continuing to live together with their son, then gradually transition into a new living situation. They have no immediate plans for divorce".

The split has also been described as amicable with Debra, 43, and Daniel, 44, decided to split because their relationship has "changed".

The rep' added to Us Weekly magazine: "The separation was entirely mutual. They have been couple for 20 years, and the nature of their relationship simply changed over time."

Debra and Daniel met on their first day at New York University in 1990 and the actress has previously claimed they stayed together because they met when they were young and grew as a couple.

She said: "I think we're lucky we met really young when we were both students and hopeful about the future and excited by the romance of the struggle then.

"I think we just have a real respect for each other as individuals, and I think we're lucky as we grew up together we grew closer instead of further away. Our goals and priorities and perspectives became more in line with each other than when we first met."