Hollywood film-maker Debra Hill, best known for writing and producing horror classic Halloween, died yesterday (07MAR05). She was 54.

Hill, who was working on a number of projects including sequel HALLOWEEN 9 at the time of her death, had been battling cancer for the last 13 months.

She shot to prominence with the low-budget 1978 slasher film Halloween, which she co-wrote with director John Carpenter.

The movie became the-then most successful independent film of all time. Costing just $325,000 (GBP172,000), Halloween made over $60 million (GBP32 million) internationally.

Hill went on to produce Carpenter films THE FOG and Escape from New York, and big-budget Hollywood fare including THE FISHER KING and THE REPLACEMENT Killers.

She was honoured by the WOMEN IN FILM organisation in 2003, for her services to the movie industry.

Hill's friend BARBARA LIGETI says, "She changed the face of women in film. If you talk to people who are real players in this town, they will say Debra was one woman who would help other women. (She had) boundless generosity."

08/03/2005 09:32