BLONDIE star Deborah Harry has let it slip she's considering becoming a mature mum in a new rockumentary. The punk icon, who announced yesterday (14MAR06) that the upcoming US Blondie tour would be the group's last, admits she regrets not having kids in pal Rosanna Arquette's new documentary ALL WE ARE SAYING. The 60-year-old singer/actress says, "I didn't trust myself to have children. I don't think I was in a really good emotional place and, in a way, I regret it now because, of course, I don't have the option. "But, back then, I really wasn't equipped to have children; I was a child and I wasn't dealing with things in a truly great way. "Now, I would be an incredible parent, and maybe I will. Maybe I will adopt some children - that hasn't left my mind. "You have to devote your full attention to having children."