Punk icon Deborah Harry has been fighting to save New York City's CBGB club from closure even though she always hated the venue's dirty and grimy interior.

The BLONDIE star confesses she has fond memories of playing at club boss Hilly Kristal's famous punk haunt, but they have nothing to do with the place itself.

She tells British music magazine Mojo, "I never liked the dirtiness of it. It was a pretty disgusting environment. I don't think the venue itself is worth saving.

"If I had been the owner I would have moved, found another place and made something of it.

"(But) maybe having a better venue would mean you'd have to run it with more control."

Harry admits she was so appalled by the state of the now doomed club's dressing room conditions, she refused to change for shows there.

She adds, "I lived just down the street. I would get ready there, then come over. A lot of nights, I would end up with grime all over me, from the walls."