Punk icon Deborah Harry has revealed her bandmates clambered over fences to gain access to the ancient Wiltshire monument.

"I don't think that I was one of the fence climbers, you know," she told U.K. radio host Gordon Smart on Thursday (09Feb17), "but I think, you know, the boys had to touch it... they wanted to really touch that big stone and I envy them that."

The Call Me singer admitted she didn't get too close the the stones, but she could feel their primitive power, adding, "I remember getting closer to the ring and feeling, like, this sort of magnetic force, you know like this sort of electrical feeling that came. Clearly I walked through this field of energy when I got up closer to it. So I'll never forget that, that was quite something."

The sacred Stonehenge monument sits on one of Europe's most powerful ley lines, a grid of earth energies which circles the globe.