News of the new fashion hook-up, which will be released via Fairy's OBEY label, comes as the singer celebrates the 40th anniversary of her band's debut at New York's fabled CBGB's club, amid the punk explosion of the mid-to-late 1970s.

Fairey has described Blondie as one of his favourite bands, and he called his new collaborator "an amazing vocalist, lyricist, style icon, beauty and embodiment of NYC cool."

"I've been a Blondie fan my whole life and have collaborated with them in the past, which has been a dream come true," Fairey tells, "but working with Debbie on this project has been totally inspiring. She's been very involved and hands-on for the whole process, just another display of her incredible talent."

The Harry collaboration comes at the beginning of an exciting few months for artist Fairey, who will be honoured with the Tony Goldman Lifetime Achievement Award in Miami, Florida in February (17). The award recognises individuals in art whose careers have changed the industry.