Eighties pop princess Deborah Gibson has urged today's young party girls to clean up their acts - or risk looking and feeling terrible when they hit her age. The 36-year-old, who still holds the record as the youngest person to write, produce and sing a number one hit, has handed Britney Spears a subtle message: 'Give up your vices.' The stunning Shake Your Love singer, who is now a respected Broadway stage star, says, "Clean living, baby (is the answer). I've never touched a drug, I don't smoke, I don't smoke. I love getting my sleep. "I'm in tune with myself and my body and I never push myself to a point where I'm in danger of being so run down that I just don't feel like me." Gibson also credits her manager mother for keeping he away from club culture. She adds, "She has managed me for 20 years... and she was always protective of my sanity and protective of the human being... which has led me to value myself in the same way. "I'm really lucky because a lot of people have the wrong people surrounding them and the wrong priorities. "When you're 50 or 60 and you still wanna be performing, no one's gonna care if you appeared at the hottest party in 2007." Chain-smoking Britney Spears, 25, recently underwent a spell in a California rehab clinic after splitting from her second husband late last year (06) and spending three months partying and grabbing headlines for shaving her head and flashing her genitals.