The 22-year-old boy band star announced his shock decision to leave One Direction last month (Mar15) and Shake Your Love singer Gibson admits she's one person who can understand why he decided to step down.

She tells U.S. TV chat show host Meredith Vieira, "I remember I was doing Les Miserables on Broadway and I had done album, tour, album, tour, album, tour, Broadway, and I was, like, the most anxious 21 year old you've ever met in your life. At the time I was taking (anxiety medication) Xanax and I was taking (anti-depressant) Prozac.

"At a certain point you go, 'You have to be able to deal with your own life', and if you can't, maybe it's time to restructure your life.

"I really applauded him for that decision because so many young kids get trouble down the road from that moment where maybe they should have walked away. I think to take some personal time and take a breath is never a bad idea."

She adds, "I remember the producers of Les Mis said, 'We now want you to go to the West End and do it in the West End', and that was one of my biggest dreams, but I turned to my mum, who was managing me at the time and I said, 'I need a break'."