Movie icon Debbie Reynolds has urged Patrick Swayze's widow to wait a year before getting serious about adoption - because she needs to let the grief of her late husband's 2009 death wash over her first.
The Singin' in the Rain star has taken to her advice column in America's Globe magazine to speak out about Lisa Niemi's family plans, after the dancer recently revealed she was looking to adopt the child she and the tragic Ghost star never had.
Niemi told the publication that her biggest regret in life was not investigating fertility treatment while Swayze was healthy - after she suffered a miscarriage.
She said, "Other single people do (adopt)... I've always wanted a child."
But Reynolds, who suffered two miscarriages, urges Niemi to spend more time coming to terms with her husband's September (09) death.
The actress writes, "Sadly, Lisa's dream may shatter in the face of reality. Filling the void that Patrick left will take quite a while, and it's dangerous to make an important change to one's life so soon after such a devastating loss.
"Lisa should take at least another year before considering such a big life change - especially when her grief over losing her beautiful husband is still so overwhelming.
"In time, I think she could certainly make a wonderful home for a child who needs her."