Debbie Reynolds and her son TODD FISHER have dismissed a lawsuit accusing them of not honouring a deal to display their $30 million (GBP15.8 million) collection of movie memorabilia, saying a shopping centre's structural limitations are to blame.

TRIZECHAHN HOLLYWOOD, the company that used to own the mall in question, claim the two breached a 2001 leasing agreement to keep the memorabilia at a Los Angeles shopping centre and are seeking $2 million (GBP1.05 million) in damages.

The firm's lawsuit, which was filed on 29 December (04), also accuses Reynolds and Fisher of failing to make lease payments.

In a statement, Fisher says "the space became unusable" as a result of "numerous penetrations of the space from below and continual modification of the exiting and walls".

He adds that neither he nor his SINGIN' IN THE RAIN star mother had read the lawsuit yet, although both were aware of its existence.

03/01/2005 17:33