Veteran rock chick Debbie Harry is hitting the road again with her band Blondie, to promote their first album in five years.

The pin-up singer, 58, returned to the charts in 1999 with NO EXIT, 17 years after Blondie split up - and it's taken Harry until now to pen follow up THE CURSE OF BLONDIE.

The group will perform a series gigs in American clubs this spring, starting at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California on 16 April (04).

Harry explains the inspiration behind the new LP, due for release on 6 April (04), as having "been a standing joke for years. Every time something weird would happen we would say, 'It's the Curse of Blondie.'

"A lot of people take it seriously, but it's silly. It's sort of a VINCENT PRICE, horror movie type title. I think it's lucky."

16/03/2004 02:35