Debbie Harry used to have a crush on Marilyn Monroe.

The Blondie singer has always been "open-minded" when it comes to her sexuality and admits she was attracted to the legendary sex symbol when she was growing up.

In an interview with Q magazine, she said: "I fancied all the classic blonde Hollywood stars. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield ... Did I really fancy them? Sure, there's some bisexuality to that. It's definitely a part of girl's chemistry. We are all looking at each other in a sexual way. It's about imitation, sure - 'Oooh, she has nice hair or a nice ass' - but there's also desire. I am open-minded, as you know."

As well as being attracted to women, Debbie also had crushes on several famous men when she was a teenager, including Beatles drummer Ringo Starr.

The 65-year-old star said: "What about men? Well, I had a huge crush on Ringo Starr. He seemed the happy one. What did it for me was those big, droopy smiley eyes. Paul (McCartney) was nice bouncing around with his cheeky face, and sure he could write a pretty song ... John (Lennon) seemed like he had some issues and then he got the beard and the glasses - you couldn't have even seen what you were locking lips with, right? It was Ringo for me. Or Elvis (Presley)."