Debbie Harry has paid tribute to late punk icon Joey Ramone on Blondie's new album THE CURSE OF BLONDIE.

The sexy signer was a contemporary of THE RAMONES star on seventies New York's New Wave scene, and decided to write HELLO JOE in his honour after attending his funeral in 2001.

She explains, "I had been to Joey's wake, the funeral and the cemetery, and it was just all of the people and friends and musicians from the scene.

"Some of them I hadn't seen for more than ten years, and it was just so moving. Joey was always a sweetheart. I really loved the band obviously. To have him go like that and then right afterwards DEE DEE (Ramone, bandmate), it's just completely shocking.

"So I wanted to write something. I know it doesn't make much sense because the music doesn't really have anything to do with what the Ramones do, but it's a tribute."

07/01/2004 02:32