BLONDIE superstar Debbie Harry furiously banned new band M.A.S.S. from supporting her British tour, because the lead singer JUSTINE BERRY is also a blonde.

M.A.S.S were chosen to support the CALL ME diva at a one-off gig in Amsterdam, but minutes before they were due on stage the promoter told them Blondie's contract stipulated that no groups with a blonde singer could go on before the 58-year-old - and they were subsequently removed from the British tour.

Berry's angry manager ANDREW WINTERS says, "Maybe she was afraid of the competition. It was literally just before the guys were due on stage in Amsterdam that the promoter came up and told us there was a problem.

"He said Justine is blonde and couldn't go on because there is a ban on blonde girls supporting Debbie Harry. Turns out they didn't realise Justine is blonde. In the end M.A.S.S just played the aftershow party and now the UK dates aren't going to happen."

03/06/2004 13:48